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Terms of Service

Please read these Terms and Conditions ("Terms", "Terms and Conditions" "Terms Of Service") carefully before using the Minty Snippets website and the Minty Snippets Mobile Applications (the "Service") operated by Minty Snippets ("us", "we", or "our").

By using the Minty Snippets website and/or Mobile Applications and/or Browser Extension from the ("Apple App Store or Chrome WebStore or Google Play Store") you ("The Customer") enter into a contract with Minty Snippets to abide by the terms of service below.

(Data Usage) - We do not track or sell your data to 3rd party advertisers. If you are a Minty Snippets Pro User, your snippets are stored in cloud storage so they can be available to you across multiple platforms and devices.

(Business Classification) - Minty Snippets is a productivity tool that allows you to create boilerplate text templates that you can personalize on the fly. Minty Snippets is great for optimizing your job search with a personalized cover letter, sales pitch or email.

(Age Restrictions) - You must be 18 or older to signup/use a Minty Snippets Pro Account on the Minty Snippets website or Mobile Applications platforms. You may not use the Minty Snippets Browser Extension or Mobile Apps for nefarious reasons purposes or for exploitive behavior.

(Website and Mobile App Availability) - There is no guarantee to you ("The Customer") that the Minty Snippets Website Or Mobile Application will be online and accessible. Site/Application Maintenance, Web Server problems or other Application related technical problems may arise and the Minty Snippets Website or Mobile Application may be offline from time to time.

(Data Loss) - Minty Snippets is not responsible for any Data Loss or destruction of customer data due to unforseen technical issues related to the Minty Snippets Website or Mobile Application.

(Pro Users & Account Termination) - Minty Snippets reserves the right to terminate A Customer (The Customer)'s' account disabling access to the Minty Snippets Website or Mobile Applications at any time for any reason.

(3rd Party Website Links and Content) - Minty Snippets is not responsible for the content or validity of any 3rd party Web Links or content that is either directly or indirectly associated with Minty Snippets, Minty Snippets Mobile Applications, or our current partners, past partners, or future partners.